Bad Mood

How to feel Better About Yourself?

Do you know that your current feelings result from all of the situations you have been through in the past?

If five years earlier you took the risk of starting a new business, then you would have been having way different feelings than the ones you are having now, or if you took a certain decision years ago, then the impact of that decision would have been reflected in your mood right now.

What you did yesterday is currently reflected in your mood; the fight you had with a close friend a week ago is reflected in your mood, and the assignment you must complete before tomorrow is also reflected in your mood.

I Cannot Help Myself.

  • Do you know what does this means?
  • If you managed to change anything, and I mean anything, your mood will improve even if it was small.

Suppose that you were sitting on an uncomfortable chair doing your work. If you change your chair and continue working, you will feel a slight improvement in your mood.

  • Now, what if you changed two little things? Or what if you changed five things?
  • What if you took a bath, changed your chair, ate a balanced diet, slept well, and tidied your room.

Your mood will definitely improve by a great deal, and you will surely start to feel better. It would help if you never said something like “I can’t help myself” simply because the initial help you need might be as simple as taking some of these small actions we mentioned.

Will this Solve my Problems


Finding the real root cause of your pain is the only solution to feeling good. However, there are lots of things that you can do along the way that can help you ease your bad feelings, like the ones we mentioned earlier.

If your resultant mood can be affected by making any change in your life, then a simple action such as tidying your unclean room can make you feel better.

What are you waiting for? Go and take some small actions right away instead of saying that you can’t help yourself.

Do you Really Need Help?

Most people who feel that they are stuck have false beliefs about their abilities. Maybe you tried a few times and failed, or maybe you were just taught by someone that there is no way out.

In all cases, you need to start examining these beliefs you have because they might be incorrect. I am asking you to do this because you might live your whole life feeling stuck just because of a false belief!

In other words, you might be truly powerful but just held back by your beliefs.

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