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How Memories Affect Us

  • Why do we sometimes wake up feeling good, and we find ourselves feeling bad a few hours later?
  • Why does our mood sometimes swing without any new events happening?

The answer lies in our memories; when we remember an old unpleasant memory, our mood will change for the worse, and the opposite happens when we place a pleasant memory.

In this article, I won’t just tell you how memories affect you, but I will also tell you how to create good lasting memories.

The Formation of a Memory

When Joe first traveled to Europe, he didn’t manage to deal with strangers because he was timid. He kept comparing himself to his friends, who were having no problem dealing with new people, so he felt even worse.

Joe came back from the trip feeling bad, and he thought that the only thing he had left was the bad memory of the journey itself, but he never knew that he had created tons of bad memories without noticing.

When the world cup started, Joe saw European countries taking the lead, and he then recalled his euro trip, which reminded him of the bad memories he had there.

Spain’s flag, a European friend, the exchange rate of the dollar against the euro, and even the economic slow down in Europe reminded Joe of his failures!!!

It’s now clear that each and everything that reminded Joe of his trip made him feel bad, and since every event is usually associated with hundreds of anchors, Joe had hundreds of reasons each day to feel bad!!

How to Get Rid of Bad Memories

The first thing you need to do is to put in mind that every phase of your life is a new battle; if you won that battle, you will be adding tons of pleasant memories to your past, while if you lost the competition, you would be adding tremendous bad memories.

But what if you already lost a battle? How can you escape the bad memories associated with it?

Only by fighting once again and erasing the bad memories by creating good ones.
If I were Joe, I would have first developed the skills to realize my true potential in Europe. Afterward, I would take the first plane to erase my bad memories by creating new ones.

People keep telling each other that the past can’t be changed, but winning a battle that you lost earlier can turn the bad memories into good ones.

If Joe did that successfully, he would feel proud each time he remembers Europe because he will remember how he managed to win a battle that he was about to lose.

Go now, fight for better memories

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