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Why Men who Drink Alcohol are Less Likely to Attract Women

You might think that drinking might make you cooler, more sociable, and braver, but according to many studies, the more you drink, the more likely you are to repel women away.

Before you can understand the connection between drinking alcohol and pushing women away, you first need to understand why women get attracted to certain men.

With very few exceptions, most women are biologically wired to favor the strong, dominant, and confident man.

So many women would claim that they want to date a sensitive and caring man, yet most of them end with cold and ruthless ones just because they unconsciously believe that they are strong and capable of protecting them.

In other words, women are more attracted to manly men who possess strong masculine traits.

Why men who drink are less likely to attract women

So what does all this have to do with Drinking Alcohol?

As you already know, the hormone that is responsible for making men more manly is testosterone. Men with higher testosterone levels are more dominant, more confident, and act more like alpha males. Now here is a line is taken from Wikipedia that explains what alcohol does to testosterone:

“Both chronic and acute alcohol consumption has been shown in most but not all studies to inhibit testosterone production in the testicles.”

Most studies agree that alcohol lowers testosterone, but the exact percentage drop isn’t agreed upon. I have come across studies that said that men who drink every day could have 40% less testosterone than those who don’t.

Different studies have given different percentages, but most of them agreed that men who drink have lower testosterone than those who don’t (provided that all other factors are constant)

Of course, each man is a different case, and we do not all have an equal amount of testosterone, but it’s now evident that you become less of a man when you drink ( in some cases, half the man you are)

Why men with low testosterone repel women?

Apart from the fact that muscle growth is reduced and fat percentage increases when testosterone drops, more serious factors repel women when men become less manly.

Men with low testosterone become needier, less dominant, more anxious, and less confident. TheseĀ traits turn off most women who were designed to look for the strongest male available.

Yes, alcohol might make you instantly braver and give you a better chance to socialize on a certain day, but in the medium and long term, your brain chemistry will change, and you will slowly lose the traits that make a man attractive to most women.

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