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Smoking Health Consequences and Health Effects

One of the best ways to quit any bad habit is to educate yourself about the consequences of the bad habit until you realize that it can prevent you from reaching one of your important goals.

Even though this method is very effective, it doesn’t work for everyone, and the reason behind that is the person’s lack of understanding of his own needs.

If you care a lot about being healthy, then reading about smoking health consequences can motivate you to quit smoking. In contrast, for another person who doesn’t care about health, this action will not motivate him to quit.

Smoking health consequences

If you are not motivated enough to quit smoking and care about living a healthy life, then perhaps taking a look at the below list can push you.

Smoking health consequences and health effects are as follows :

  • increased risk of Lung cancer
  • Increased risk of heart attacks and strokes
  • Shortness of breath, which leads to bad performance in sports
  • Stained teeth
  • Lack of energy
  • Respiratory system problems like Bronchitis
  • Sexual problems like impotence
  • Congenital disabilities of pregnant smokers’ offspring
  • Draining your money in addition to all previous problems

My grandpa doesn’t suffer from Smoking health consequences

One of the most common excuses smokers ever use to explain why they are still smoking is mentioning one of their old enough relatives and who never suffered from Smoking health consequences.

Those people missed the one point because they didn’t get the difference between being at risk and suffering from something for certain.

If you jumped from the third floor, there is a chance that you will survive, but there is a great risk that you might die.

If your Grandpa jumps every morning from the third floor and didn’t die yet, then this doesn’t mean that you might not die at the first attempt.

Smoking health consequences don’t affect all smokers, but they threaten to affect them anytime.

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