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How to Stop Masturbation Addiction

Before I decided to write about masturbation addiction, I had to do quick research to see what others wrote about the topic. The weird thing I noticed is that I didn’t come across an article that said that masturbation addiction is a problem or that it’s something that has any harmful effects.

While masturbation addiction might have no physical health effects, it can still have many harmful psychological effects. This article will tell you how to stop masturbation addiction after telling you about its harmful effects.

How Masturbation can affect your psychological well being

One of the most destructive emotions a person can experience would be guilt, especially repetitive. Because most known religious and religious scriptures condemn masturbation, any person who believes in any of these religions will experience guilt after masturbating even if he didn’t notice its presence.

The guilt, in this case, will keep accumulating and increasing as long as the person is addicted to masturbation until one day he will find himself depressed without knowing why.

Even if you don’t believe in any religion that condemns masturbation, still masturbating can affect you psychologically by reminding you of the fact that you can’t get into a true relationship or that you fear intimacy.

Masturbation addiction causes

So why would someone become addicted to masturbation?
And Why do some married people become addicted to masturbation even though they have another option?

Here are some psychological causes for masturbation addiction:

  • Lack of intimacy: Believe it or not. Some people need sex to fill the gap resulting from the need for intimacy. Many of the people obsessed with sex (not all of them) have an unmet need for intimacy. Their parents might have ignored their needs when they were little children, or they might have never felt loved before, and that’s why their unconscious desire for sex became much higher. Certainly, it’s so normal that human beings have a certain desire for sex. Still, when this desire exceeds the limits and leads to excessive masturbation, then this means that there is another unmet need that this person is trying to satisfy other than the need for sex itself.
  • Social withdrawal: Social withdrawal and masturbation addiction are highly connected. Usually when the person is excessively shy, when he doesn’t have a good social life or fails to get the approval of the members of the other sex, then he might turn to masturbation addiction to fulfill such psychological needs.
  • Bad moods & life problems: Some people have developed the habit of escaping from problems instead of facing them. One of the methods those people use to escape from problems is masturbation addiction. If you are one of those people, you will notice that you masturbate whenever you feel bad, down, or sad.
  • Rejection: This might sound weird too, but it was found that experiencing rejection, especially from the other sex, is one of the factors that motivate people to become addicted to masturbation.
  • Fear of intimacy: Some people have developed a fear of intimacy due to going through poor past experiences with the other sex. Those are the people who become addicted to masturbation even though they are married.

Stopping masturbation addiction

Once you understand that masturbation addiction itself is not the problem but rather a symptom of a bigger underlying problem, you will easily be able to get over this addiction by dealing with the root cause.

If the root cause behind your masturbation addiction was shyness, social withdrawal, or even the feeling that you are not loved, then you should shift your focus and energy to treating these problems.

Even if you managed to give up masturbation addiction without dealing with these problems sooner or later, other symptoms, like drug abuse, for example, will replace masturbation addiction.

Cut the root to prevent more unwanted symptoms from appearing in your life.

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