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How to Motivate Someone to Stop Smoking

How to motivate someone to stop smoking? And how can you encourage someone to quit a certain bad habit?

Before you can know how to motivate someone to stop smoking, you first need to know what made him smoke in the first place. Contrary to common beliefs, people don’t smoke or become addicted to certain habits because of logical reasons, but instead, they do them to fill certain psychological needs.

By understanding the psychological need that encouraged a person to smoke, you will motivate him to stop smoking by helping him satisfy this psychological need properly.

Motivating someone to stop smoking or any bad habit

Most habits are developed to fill a certain psychological gap in the person’s life.

For example, some teens become motivated to smoke because that helps them feel good about themselves, as smoking partially satisfies their need to feel like real men.

For such teens to become motivated to stop smoking, they need to find another way to satisfy this unmet need else; the desire to smoke will always be there.

The mistake people make when trying to encourage someone to quit a bad habit is to teach him how to be disciplined and strong-willed instead of focusing on helping him satisfy the real psychological need behind that habit.

How else can you motivate someone to stop smoking

Another good way that can help you motivate someone to stop smoking or give up any addiction is to show him that this habit will prevent him from satisfying another important unmet need.

If a girl was eager to become more beautiful or have clear skin, then she will become more motivated to stop smoking as soon as she knows that smoking increases Acne.

The more important the psychological need is for the person, the more will informing him about it motivate him to give up the bad habit.

The reason why health warnings on cigarette packs don’t motivate many people to stop smoking is that many people don’t really care about long-term health effects as they don’t quite feel the danger. The lack of a strong need makes the health warning completely ineffective for a large number of people.

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