Bad Habits

How to Develop Good Habits

As a part of my plan to live a healthier lifestyle, I decided to start drinking green tea instead of the normal tea I drink every day.

The problem with developing such a good habit was that I had an intense love for tea, and I have always felt that green tea is tasteless.

I decided to drink that tasteless green tea anyways, even though I don’t like it.
Each day I used to drink one cup of green tea right after eating, but one day there was no green tea in the house, and I started to feel that something is wrong!!

It was clear that I didn’t only develop a good habit, but I also became used to it to the extent that I felt something was missing when I couldn’t do it.

Getting used to good habits

The human body can adapt itself to any habit, and once it gets used to it, breaking it would be hard. Even though I didn’t like green tea initially, I started missing it later on because I got used to it!!

The same goes for the gym; at the beginning, exercising was an unbearable activity, but after some time, I started to feel really bad the day I don’t exercise.

If you want to develop a good habit, you must understand that it will become a part of your lifestyle by sticking to it for a certain period of time, and it would be hard to break it.

Why do people fail to develop good habits?

People fail to develop good habits because:

  • They give up before they get used to them: Most people who fail to develop good habits have one thing in common, which is giving up before they get used to the habit
  • Thinking that they will suffer forever: In the beginning, green tea had no taste, but after a while, I started to find that it tastes good; it’s all about sustaining the habit until you start liking it.
  • Giving in to temptation: The hardest part in developing any good habit is the first few weeks; if you managed to sail safely through this period, then there is a big chance that you will keep your good habit. Eating big chocolate instead of the apple you intended to eat in the first few days will certainly ruin your efforts to develop a good habit.

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