How to Easily Quit Bad Habits

  • Why do some people fail to wake up early, although they eagerly want to do it?
  • Why do some people lack the motive to stop smoking, although they know that it’s not healthy?

I am sure you have tried to quit a habit before yet found yourself lacking the required enthusiasm.

One decisive factor that can affect your ability to quit a habit is convincing your subconscious mind.

This post will tell you how to easily quit a bad habit by knowing how to convince your subconscious mind to leave.

Convincing Your Subconscious Mind to Give up a Bad Habit Easily

One of the biggest reasons for the lack of motivation people experience when it comes to breaking habits is that they fail to convince their subconscious minds of their goals.

You may know that smoking is terrible and that it costs you lots of money, but at the same time, you find yourself lacking the motivation to quit. This happens because although your conscious mind is convinced of smoking’s harmful effects, your subconscious mind is still happy with it.

Why do you think you can’t wake up early that easily? It’s because your subconscious mind is not convinced that waking up early that day will be of great benefit.

What’s funny is that after few weeks of failing to wake up at 7 am, you can succeed in doing it the same day you know that you have an exam at 8; this happens because your subconscious mind becomes aware this time of the importance of waking up early and so it helps you in doing it.

This happens. Even in breakups, sometimes people fail to recover from breakups because their subconscious mind is not convinced that there is an alternative for the person they are in love with.

Beliefs such as “he is the one” or “he is my soul mate” can prevent you from recovering after a breakup; these beliefs keep the subconscious mind convinced that there is no other solution but to bring that person back, so you stay depressed for ages.

So you now knew that the key to breaking bad habits easily is to convince your subconscious mind of the importance of quitting the habit.

Quitting habits made easy.

Force yourself to wake up early for a few days, and you will be sending a clear message to your subconscious mind that you are serious about waking up early.

The same goes for quitting a bad habit. The more you prevent yourself from making the habit, the more will your subconscious mind think that you are serious about it, and the more it will help you quit this habit.

You can also change your self-concept by forcing yourself to change your unwanted behavior. If, for example, you lack self-confidence, then after several times of acting confidently, your subconscious mind will start to believe that you are confident, and your self-concept will be upgraded.

The other thing you can do to quit bad habits is to use an NLP technique called the parts integration technique. This technique allows you to remove the unconscious resistance that results from having inner conflicts associated with that bad habit.

Whenever you decide to quit a bad habit, use your conscious mind to learn the facts that can help you in breaking this habit but at the same time, don’t forget to convince your subconscious mind too so that it doesn’t work against you.

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