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Why Am I Not Rich?

Ever wondered why you are not rich?

Maybe you already concluded that you are not rich because you are not lucky but let me tell you something, do you know that many rich people lost all of their money more than once yet managed to become rich again??

If luck had anything to do with becoming rich, then it might have served those people once or twice, but what kind of luck can help someone become rich 4 or 5 times in his life while starting from scratch each time?

The reason you are not rich is not related to luck at all, but it’s 100 percent related to your mind and belief system. So in this article, I will help you answer the why am I not rich question.

This is why you are not rich.

Your success in life depends solely on your belief system.

If you are not rich because you didn’t have any money to start with, but your belief system had no limiting beliefs about money, then sooner or later, you will find a way to start your little business. You will become rich, but if you had a limiting belief such as I am not lucky, you will never attempt to do anything and become rich.

The people who lost their money more than once and collected them once again had pure belief systems that had no limiting beliefs, and that’s why they managed to succeed more than once.

A friend once told me, “I am not rich because I don’t have time to start my own thing.”
My friend wasn’t aware that the resources available to a person are determined based upon his beliefs and not the opposite. This means that if he believed that he could find the time, he would start monitoring his activities closely until he will find the required time to start.

I am not rich because money is bad.

Ever heard yourself saying something like, “I am not rich because money is evil”?
Limiting beliefs about money can also prevent you from becoming rich.

If you think that all rich people are thieves or that money will prevent you from having friends, you will never become rich.

Such beliefs are usually formed to protect the person’s ego. It hurts much less to believe that money is evil than to admit that you didn’t try hard enough.

You are not rich might not be the same reason your friend is not rich, but in all cases, both reasons will be rooted in limiting beliefs that you both have, even if those limiting beliefs are different.

Instead of asking yourself, “why am I not rich” and trying to find an explanation, focus on the goal of becoming rich itself. Finding an explanation will not help you achieve anything, but on the contrary, you might develop a limiting belief without noticing.

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