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Tips for Finding the Right Job for You

“We all have one or two things that we can do perfectly. And if we managed to find a job that allows us to do that thing, then certainly it will be the right job for us.”
A famous quote said by everyone in the world.

This famous quote is being said by everyone overall the world. The problem with this quote is that it programed the listener’s mind to believe that there are only one or two things that he can do well in his life.

Like all other false beliefs, this quote teaches people how to be helpless and convinces them that they have limited options.

If you really want to find the right job that suits you, you should learn how to get rid of such limiting beliefs. Read this article, and you will find some tips that will help you do so.

Why can’t people find the right job (Golden tip)

Do you think that some people are better at using computers than others because they have certain genes or certain traits that allow them to use computers well?

I have worked as a programmer, network administrator, web designer, and database administrator. In all of these jobs, I only noticed one thing: the difference between those who do it perfectly and those who believe they cant do it are false beliefs like the one mentioned above.

Many people fail to find the right job because of their limiting beliefs. So if you want a golden tip that can help you find the right job that suits you, it would be getting over these limiting beliefs.

You can do anything in the world if you keep trying and failing until you know how to do it flawlessly. But, unfortunately, our friends, relatives, and our societies taught some false beliefs like “You are not the type of person suited for this job” or “This is not the right job for you” until we became convinced that we can only do one thing perfectly and not anything else.

Any job can be your right job.

Actually, there is no limit to what a human being can do. I have worked as a trainer, computer engineer, writer, manager, investor, and graphic designer.

I have almost done every task flawlessly just because I believed I could do it and because I dumped all false beliefs that were fed to me about finding the right job as a child.

I am no exception, and I am no superman. Like you, I have two arms, 2 legs, and one Grey device called the brain. The only difference between my Grey device and yours is that mine doesn’t have those false beliefs. Dump them, and you will be able to do anything perfectly, and finding the right job won’t be a problem.

What if I hate my job

This brings us to the second most important point. If you now know that you can do anything in the world provided that you keep trying until you succeed, then you must find a job that is bearable for you so that you can keep trying over and over without feeling bored.

To find the right job, You can start with a hobby that you like or a job that you love because in both cases, you will be able to bear failures until you reach what you want.

Out of all the jobs I tried, I found myself in love with E-businesses. I wake up anytime I want, work for a few hours every day, and make money while I am asleep.

In the beginning, I used only to make 4 dollars/day, and this lasted for few months. Had I said that I was not too fond of an E-business idea, I may not have been able to continue trying to the end, and I may not have been able to reach these results even though I had the skills to reach them.

In short, the right job is the one that you consider bearable even if you face many difficulties.

Final words about job hunting

You can do anything in the world provided that you keep trying
Find a job that you like so that you don’t get bored of trying until you master it
Please don’t listen to anyone because they will always shower you with false beliefs.

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