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Perfect Answers to The Most Common Interview Questions

In job interviews, some common questions are usually asked with disregard to the place you are applying for. Knowing good answers to those common interview questions will reduce the stress you may Experience during the interview, and you will increase your chance of getting the job.

Because it’s hard to think when you are stressed, knowing the answers to common interview questions will certainly help you be more relaxed during a job interview.

The following is a list of common interview questions and their answers:

interview questions 1: Tell us about yourself?

By far, this is the most popular interview question around, yet some people feel anxious and shaky when they hear it. The best answer to this interview question would be a short identification of yourself then a brief explanation of your work/study experience. It would be perfect for studying the answer to this question hard before you go to the interview to answer it confidently.

Interview question 2: what is the benefit we will get out of hiring you?

The point of this question is that the interviewer wants to know whether you are suitable for the job or not. To the best answer, this question tries to differentiate yourself from your competitors (other job seekers) by describing your unique abilities related to that type of job. For example, if the job is stressful, you could say that you can work under extreme levels of stress (of course, you must not lie, this is just an example)

Interview question 3: Why do you want to leave your previous company?

That’s one of the most common interview questions, and it’s also one of the trickiest ones. Many people make the mistake of saying that they are changing their jobs because of the low salary they used to get or because of the routine nature of their old jobs.

Just put yourself in the shoe of the interviewer; he knows that every job becomes a routine job after some time, and he knows that you can always find a higher salary somewhere else.

When answering this interview question, try to find something unique about their company and say it as a reply. An example answer would be, “Because your company is the only place that would allow me to blah blah blah” mention anything unique about the company.

Interview question 4: what are your strengths and weaknesses?

You can use this question to your side by saying some weaknesses that can be considered points of strength. For example, you could say, “one of my weak points is that I am overly ambitious, and so I sometimes become disappointed.”

You have just mentioned another strength but in a different way. Do not overdo this. Else the interviewer will doubt that you are trying to mislead him.

interview question 5: tell us about a big problem that you solved before

The idea behind that question is that the interviewer wants to know if you can deal with work problems. To answer that question perfectly, you must be prepared with a story or two that show your good qualities and skills (again, don’t lie)

interview question 6: where do you see yourself in five years?

This question’s purpose is to know if you are ambitious or not. The answer won’t matter much as long as you sound confident while saying it.

Interview question 7: what is the amount that you are expecting to earn?

If it’s your first job, then you can try avoiding that question by saying something like, “I am a fresh graduate, and this is my first job, so I am not really aware of the salary ranges.”

If you were lucky enough, no one would push you to answer it, but usually, the question will be repeated, and the interviewer will say that he wants a number. If that happened, then make sure to specify a range and not a single number. By the way, being asked that question may mean that you have passed the interview.

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