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Job Interview Tips and Techniques

Do you know that some people fail to get a job although they are qualified only because they didn’t perform well in the job interview?

The job interview is the final step you have to pass through to get a job. Unfortunately, many people fail to pass interviews then believe that they are not qualified. If this is your problem, then don’t worry because after reading the following interview tips and techniques, you will be able to pass almost any job interview you take.

interview tips and techniques

The following are tips and techniques that can increase by far your chance of doing well in a job interview and, in turn, getting a job:

  • Job interview tip #1: Learn stress management: In some job interviews, the interviewer will test your ability to act under stress by putting you in a stressful situation. For example, he may leave you waiting for half an hour before beginning the interview to make you anxious. The interviewer may not smile, nod, or do anything to help you become relaxed while doing the interview. By knowing such a fact, you will be less stressed in these situations because you will expect them. It also recommended that you learn about relaxation techniques to use them to control your stress in these situations
  • Job interview tip #2: Even if you were afraid, you can still hide it: No one can guess your feelings unless your body language reveals them. By learning how to use the proper body language signals, you will appear confident even if you were terrified.
  • Job interview tip #3: Wear blue clothes: wearing blue clothes or a blue suit leaves an unconscious impression in the interviewer’s mind that you are loyal and trustworthy.
  • Job interview tip #4: Reduce your stress by knowing the famous interview questions: when you are under stress you might find it hard to think about answers for the interview questions. By knowing the answer to the common interview questions, you will feel more relaxed during the job interview.
  • Job interview tip #5: Leaving a positive impression: The first impression the interviewer forms of you may be the most important thing in the interview.
  • Job interview tip #6: Don’t panic if you dropped something: we are all humans and make mistakes. Mistakenly Dropping an item while talking is too common. If you dropped something by mistake, return it slowly without paying any attention to what happened. People who give reasons for such actions usually have low self-esteem.
  • Job interview tip #7: Breath deeply. When you become anxious, you will usually stop breathing properly without noticing. To become relaxed again, take a deep breath as a lack of oxygen increases stress levels.
  • Job interview tip #8: Know the interviewer’s personality use face reading to know some of the personality traits of the interviewer to know how are you going to answer him. for example, if the interviewer was someone who hates details, then giving him detailed answers might annoy him
  • Job interview tip #9: The interviewer may interrupt you some interviews will interrupt you many times while talking to see how are you going to respond (to test your communication skills)

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