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How to Discover My Talents?

How do I discover my talents?
How to find out what my talent is?
I don’t think I am talented at all!

These statements might sound familiar to you. I get many emails from people who tell me that they have trouble finding jobs because they believe that they are not talented at anything. Another group of people mails me telling me that they want to find out their talents to use them in life.

Because of these numerous requests, I decided to write this post to tell you how to discover your talents.

Passion and Discovering your talents

There is one great misconception people have about talents. They believe that they must be born with certain talents without knowing that if they have passion for something, they can become really talented at it even if they had no previous talent.

Talent is learned. It’s all about the number of tries you do before you master something. Some people seem to be more talented at certain things because they have more passion for them.

If I love computers, I might spend 6 hours every day trying and failing without getting bored. In the end, I will become talented at using computers, and you might believe that I was born that way while, in fact, I just found out my talent because I was persistent enough to learn.

If you found out something that you are passionate about, then know for sure that you are only one step away from discovering your real talents.

This is how to discover your talent.

This is how to discover and find out your talents:

  • Stay away from routine: If you do the same things every day, then most probably, you will not discover any new talents that you possess unless a coincidence happens. On the other hand, if you broke free from the routine and started doing different things, you might find out that you are talented at doing something you never expected to be talented at
  • Step out of your comfort zone: Many people fail to discover their talents because they fear trying anything new, fear taking risks, and prefer to live in their comfort zones. Once you start going out of your comfort zone, you will find out about your real talents
  • Try many different activities: I know people who stay in bed all day then come and ask me how we can discover our talents? Unless you want to discover a sleeping-related talent, you won’t know anything about your talents before you try things you never tried before. Dare to try new things, and you will discover your talents.

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