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How to Beat the Competition and Find Your Dream Job

Are you afraid that your country’s high unemployment might prevent you from getting a job?
Don’t worry. You can still get a good job even if you live in a place that has a low employment rate and high competition.

A high unemployment rate doesn’t mean that there are no job opportunities. Still, it only means that the available job opportunities are not enough for everyone, so only the best will get the available jobs.

How to Beat the Competition and find a job

If you really want to get a good job in a country with a high unemployment rate and if you really want to live in your country without having to travel somewhere else to find a job, then the pyramid theory is what you are looking for.

The pyramid theory is elementary. As you can see in the picture below, you have to divide all people competing with you over a job into different categories and then put each category at a different level in the pyramid.

For example, suppose you want to work as an accountant; you should then divide competitors (other job seekers) into the following categories:

  1. People who know no more than what they have learned in college.
  2. People who additionally know how to use spreadsheet software (e.g., Excel).
  3. People who have all the above plus an MBA.
  4. People who have all of the above plus a CPA certificate.
  5. People who have all of the above plus a CFA certificate.

Of course, this is just an example; your pyramid could be very different even if you were an accountant. The main point of the pyramid theory is that the higher you place yourself in your pyramid, the easier you will find a job.

Of course, if you get to the top of the pyramid, you will find a job even if the unemployment rate was 99 percent.

As you can see, you will find fewer and fewer people to compete with as you go up in the pyramid.

How to Estimate competition correctly.

When it comes to putting numbers in the pyramid, you might not be able to guess the number of job seekers in your country correctly. The good news is that you don’t really have to get accurate numbers at all.

Just use rough estimates and add a safety factor by multiplying this number by two or even three. So, if you think that you are competing with 100,000 other job seekers, consider them 200,000 so that you find yourself prepared to face the worst.

Entrepreneurship Vs. finding a job

An entrepreneur is someone who starts his own business because he believes in a certain idea. Being an entrepreneur means that you won’t be looking for a job like other people, nor will you be waiting for someone to employ you as you will always want to have your own business.

Even if you don’t dare to start a business because of a lack of resources, why not start an e-business? An e-business doesn’t require any initial investments, and if it became successful, it could bring you a good amount of money.

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