Why Women Pay More Attention to Detail when Choosing a Life Partner?

How men and women judge the attractiveness of one another

Most men don’t need more than a fraction of a second to rate a woman’s attractiveness. As much as women talk about physical attractiveness the way men do, they still consider many more factors while assessing a man’s attractiveness.

Men Evaluate women solely on their looks, at least when they see them from a distance, but women pay much more attention to many other details which affect their evaluation process.

The way a man interacts with others, how he performs his different tasks, how he is dressed, and how other people describe him all affect the calculations of a woman.

While men focus on one or two aspects women, focus on the full picture by gathering as many details about their targets as possible.

A few days ago, I came across an online group on Facebook which allowed people to post anonymous messages about their crushes.

While most men focused on the physical attractiveness of women, many of the women wrote a message that described the way a man interacts with others or ones that outlined his good personality traits such as: “He has a lot of friends,” “people love him,” “he seems so kind” and “I always see him reading.”

Why women pay more attention to detail

Now the question is, why do women pay more attention to detail than men when it comes to choosing a partner?

A man can have sex with a woman once and face no consequences, but a woman might become pregnant, give birth, and find herself responsible for a child who needs to be taken care of.

Because women invest more than men in relationships and because they might suffer from bigger consequences, they tend to be pickier than men when choosing a life partner.

When a human being develops a certain psychological need, his behavior usually changes to satisfy this need. Because women need to find the right man, they automatically find themselves drawn to more specific details when evaluating men.

A typical woman might change her idea about a man when she sees him playing with a little child, but a typical man will usually ignore such a detail.

That’s also another reason why women tend to find men with dogs more attractive. Its because they believe that those men are more responsible and are better able to take care of a child.

How to attract women

Know that the woman’s radar will record everything that you do and not just your conversations. Yes, a woman can fall in love with you after talking to you, but this doesn’t mean that she wasn’t paying attention to all of your actions, even when you were silent.

When you are new in a place, focus on displaying good qualities while you interact with others, and rest assured that the women around you will notice them even if they seemed busy or uninterested.

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