Why Women like Men with Dogs

Do men with dogs have a better chance?

Do men with dogs have a better chance of attracting women?
The short answer is Yes!

Studies have shown that men who own dogs have a higher chance of attracting women. One study has shown that a man will have a much higher chance of talking to a woman if he bought a dog.

Women rarely take the first step, but when you have a dog, things can go the other way around, and you might find a woman approaching you to play with your dog.

So what is it exactly that makes men with dogs more attractive to women?

Why women like men with dogs

Women are more selective when it comes to choosing a life partner. While men might focus on few traits when making a choice, women take more time to assess whether that man can make a good parent or not.

In other words, when selecting a potential mate, women take into consideration a man’s ability to raise healthy children.

Here is why women like men with dogs:

1) Commitment type: Women always look for subtle signals that reflect the personality traits they are looking for. When they see a man with a dog, they usually assume that he is the kind of a man who can commit to a long-term relationship. Because raising a dog and taking care of it requires a lot of commitment and dedication, many women make that conclusion about men who own dogs

2) Lack of selfishness: it is tough for a selfish person to raise a pet. After all, if a man is willing to give some of his time and money to a pet, won’t he do that when he has kids? This is exactly how women think when they see a man with a Dog. They tend to assume that this kind of man can raise better children because he is generous and not selfish

3)Kindness: Most women want men who treat them well, and nothing can give a better indication of kindness than the way a man treats his pet. Men with dogs are usually perceived to be kinder and friendlier than other men. A typical woman believes that a man who is kind to his dog will usually be kind to his family

4) Good chance to approach men: Many women want to take the first step but are pressured by society’s norms. Now when those women approach a man who has a Dog, they feel at ease because they assume that this man will believe that they want to play with his dog and nothing more

5) Extroversion and social skills: Dog owners are usually extroverts who have good social skills. Because many women like the man who can handle people well, they tend to find men with dogs more attractive than other men provided that all other factors are constant.

It’s all about finding the right father

just as you saw, women want a man who can take care of the family and protect it. Because many of these traits can be visible through the way men treat their dog’s women tend to get attracted to men who have dogs.

Men who have cats might seem a bit suspicious to women. After all, a typical man usually prefers to raise a dog than a cat, and that’s why some women might question the reasons that made a man raise a cat.

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