Why Women Don’t care About your Body as Much as you do!

These days so many men are obsessed with the idea of having a perfect body. They follow a certain diet to get six packs, they exercise a lot, and they make a lot of effort to get in shape. Of course, taking care of your body shape is an excellent habit. After all, you can hardly change your body shape without developing some good personality traits such as patience and commitment.

But the important question here is, do women care about men’s bodies as much as men do?
The short answer is not as much as you think. How many times did you see a woman describing how great a celebrity looks, only to find her later marrying a man who is totally out of shape?

Don’t get me wrong, we humans are visual beings. We care a lot about the looks of things, and we do judge books by their cover. Both men and women do care about looks, but for women, there are so many other factors involved in the attraction process¬†apart from a man’s body shape.

Why women don’t care about your body as much as you do

Men are straightforward and easy to understand. Men are straightforward and easy to understand. A perfectly fit man can be motivated to approach a woman, even if he did not have enough information about her, but for that woman, things are different.

Women don’t get attracted to celebrities who look good because they look good, but they get attracted to them because they are celebrities, rich, famous, successful, and above all that are looking good.

In other words, when a woman expresses her admiration of a good-looking celebrity, she is, in fact, impressed by the whole package and not just the looks. Many women might not even be aware of the things that impress them, and that’s why you might find them describing the looks when they are asked about the things that caught their attention.

You can easily understand the way women get attracted to men by visualizing an electric circuit with so many switches. The current won’t flow in the circuit unless all the switches are turned on. Yes, one of those switches might be physical appearance, but if there are more switches, which is usually the case with women, then the current won’t flow unless they are turned on.

So how important are looks to women?

Many women can sacrifice looks for the sake of resources or some important personality traits. Again this doesn’t mean that those women don’t care about looks, but it just means that they favored other things overlooks. This can also happen with men, but it’s much less common.

So what’s the moral of the story?

If you are a man, then know that caring about your body shape is a great habit but don’t lose your confidence if you don’t have the perfect body. Just keep trying but never let it bring you down.

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