Why Walking in a Group can Make you More Attractive

How the perception of attractiveness changes

So many factors that have nothing to do with looks can still affect a person’s attractiveness.

When someone looks at you, he doesn’t always see you the way you are because several other factors affect his perception. The brain will always do its calculations before rendering a picture that you can see. Those calculations can sometimes alter the attractiveness¬†of a person to a great extent.

People don’t see reality when they look in mirrors. This is the reason why a slim woman would think that she is fat. It’s just the fact that her mind changed her perception of her own looks.

So what does this have to do with walking in groups?
When you walk in a group, people don’t see you the way you are, but they actually find you more attractive!

Why walking in a group can make you more attractive

When someone sees a group of people, his mind thinks of the group as an individual unit. As a result, one member of the group’s less attractive features are averaged out, but the attractive features of another group member is amplified.

Here is a simple example, if someone in the group has average-looking eyes while another member of the group has great-looking eyes, the mind will assume that the group has great-looking eyes.

Attractive people are the ones who have features that resemble most people (those who look the most familiar).

Now the sum of all features of people in a group will very likely yield familiar features. If someone finds dark-skinned people more attractive than white ones, then the presence of a dark-skinned person in the group will fulfill that requirement. This is why people seem much more attractive when they are around friends of the same sex.

The environment and surroundings affect your perception of attractiveness.

Contrary to common beliefs, your level of attractiveness isn’t constant, but it changes within a certain range because of so many factors related to your looks.

So why is it important to realize that fact?
Because some people have negative beliefs like “I am ugly” or “I am not attractive,” while the truth is that no one is ugly in all settings.

This is why I strongly recommend you to do so if you believe you suffer from imagined ugliness disorder or if you don’t really like your looks.

People who don’t understand how others perceive physical attraction usually develop the imagined ugliness disorder.

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