Why do Women Like Ambitious Men?

Unlike men, women’s minds work in a much more complicated way when judging attractiveness. One of the things women unconsciously consider when they look for potential partners is their future offspring’s safety and security. Because women care about raising healthy children, they tend to unconsciously look for men who can help them with this quest.

Even those who are not gold diggers prefer richer men because of the simple reason that those men can ensure a better future for their offspring.

This biological desire is also fueled by the way men treat women across the globe. When was the last time you heard a joke about women?

Am pretty sure that wasn’t long ago. Despite all the talk about equality between men and women and their efforts, people still send indirect messages to women telling them that they are inferior to men. Jokes, expressions such as “man up,” and many other indirect messages make women feel even more inferior and insecure. And, of course, this fuels their already existing need for security, protection, and safety.

What does Ambition have to do with all this?

Ambition is the ultimate indicator women use to know whether a man will attain financial success or not. Common sense states that an ambitious man is more likely to keep trying to succeed until he makes it. Now when women seeĀ ambitious men, even those who claim they don’t care about money, they unconsciously find them more attractive because of believing that they can provide better resources for their children.

You should know that even if you don’t match one of those items, you can still make people like you by broadcasting a signal that shows that you have the potential to acquire that item you lack.

Even if a woman cares about money and wants to be with a rich man, she could still fall for a man who is not well-off since she believes that his ambition will eventually make him rich.

Broadcasting the right Signals

Once upon a time, a broke guy convinced a woman who cared a lot about money that he will have a bright future one day.

That guy didn’t state directly that he is ambitious. Else, it would have been a turn-off, but instead, he sent indirect signals such as talking about his plans often to show that woman that he is truly ambitious. In the end, she fell for him. Not because he was just ambitious but because he also managed to broadcast all the other important signals she was looking for.

If you are a man, the takeaway here is that you don’t display your ambition directly but instead send indirect signs that show that you are ambitious. Finally, don’t depend on ambition alone because each person has a long list of items present in a future partner. Match most of those items, and your chances to attract the one you want will be extremely high.

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