Why do Ugly People Like me?

Is there something wrong with me?

A few days ago, a friend of mine told me that he is worried because lately, he has only been attracting ugly people (according to his own opinion about them). My friend had a good point back then.

He said that people pursue the ones they believe they can get, and since unattractive people were pursuing him, this might mean that they believe that he is quite attainable.

In other words, his point was, “Had I been good enough, they would have never had hope to get me, and so they would have never pursued me.”

Let me complicate things further by telling you about a study that supports what my friend was saying. A study, which is pretty famous for an unknown reason, says that people pursue those who are as attractive as them.

So the study assumes that if I had average looks, I would only pursue people who have average looks and so on. So it is really true that being pursued by unattractive people really means that you are unattractive? Let us find out!

Why do ugly people like me?

Do you remember the last time you pursued someone really attractive or a person who is considered much more attractive than you? Do you remember what motivated you to do so?

It’s because the person was nice enough to you in such a way that he gave you hope. So we don’t actually pursue people who look like us, but we go for the ones who give us hope.

Because my friend was kind, he treated all people in a good way, and because the unattractive ones don’t usually get this good treatment, they started believing that there might be hope in being with him.

For them, my friend was a catch; he is good-looking and at the same time not repelling them the way other attractive than you? No, it only means that she has given you some hope. And because we humans like to get attached to any future possibility that could change our lives, we get attracted to those who provide us with hope.

Could it be a pool problem?

In the city we live in, beauty is almost nonexistent. The good-looking females are known by names, not because they are stunning, but because there are too few. My friend didn’t put this in mind when he was making his argument.

If you are already in a pool with less desirable people according to your own point of view, then most probably the ones you will attract will not appeal to you.

Finally, as for the study that says that people get attracted to those who look like them. Recalling the pictures of the celebrities you like will show you in seconds that this study is pure nonsense.

Yes, in some cases, some people try to be with those who share some common features with them due to self-love, but this doesn’t mean that a totally unattractive person can’t fall for a beautiful person. And in fact, the latter case is the one that happens most often.

So the conclusion is, attracting unattractive people doesn’t mean that you are unattractive by all means; it just means that you were nice to them.

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