Why Do Some Women Get Attracted To Officers and Firemen?

I know many ladies who have a thing for men in uniform. Their love for officers is one thing they usually fancy about when they get with their girlfriends. They would laugh and say a handsome officer is always their dream partner.

But what is it that makes some women get so attracted to officers? Is it just that they look good in their tight-fitting suits? Or is it because they look in control with guns at their hips? Can certain outfits influence impressions on a subconscious level?

Is It Their Uniform or Their Characters?

One theory suggests that uniforms give a sense of comfort and security and also that men dressed in uniforms know how to treat women as they should be treated.

Officers are sometimes observed as polite, and more importantly, their polite manners are perceived to be more respectful than intended to impress. A woman knows opening the door for her to enter first, holding the chair, allowing her to sit, and practicing basic table manners are among the things that officers naturally do.

When one woman was asked, she said women usually look for a hardworking, committed, and brave man. “Certain professions dictate a certain dress-code. When women think of men serving the country, they think that their character is heroic and strong. So perhaps it isn’t the clothing that women find attractive, but what the profession may say about their characters.”

A 1995 article by psychologist Midge Wilson explains how a man in uniform influences the female psyche. “A man in uniform brings to a woman’s mind…father figures, heroism, protection and power. He also suggests a chance for excitement and adventure.”

Who Wouldn’t Like A Modern-Day Superman?

Dr. Geetanjali Sharma, a marriage and relationship counselor, says, “Women prefer a partner who can protect them. It has been so since ancient times. It can be said that men in uniform are the modern-day “saviors” and hence the attraction.”

Some women think they are attracted to officers because they are super-heroes whose heroism and respect are both visible (the uniform) and invisible (their commitment to helping others).

According to Psychologist and Relationship Expert Dr. Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D., “The “uniform” may mean that the man can manage life’s troubles. We all want those to whom we are attached to stay solid when we break down so that we would be able to count on them. Our minds see it as safety and security.”

One woman said that she is attracted to officers because of the comradeship that is between them. Rachel Russo, the relationship expert, says, “There is definite appeal in sociability. For many women, it is nice to see a man who can make a real commitment and be there for another person. Male friendships can touch a woman’s heart—especially if the man has commitment-phobic tendencies.”

Is Being With An Officer The Key To A Happy Relationship?

Women, who always have crushes on officers, can I have your attention, please? Getting attracted to an officer sometimes comes with a price.

Barnali Mishra, a PR professional dating an army officer, says that communication with him is difficult. She also says that men in the army have difficulty expressing their feelings verbally, especially since they are trained to suppress emotions and be detached due to their work nature.

Another woman in a relationship with an officer says that when the uniform comes off, the officer’s strong character disappears too. She says she discovered that beneath the extraordinary uniform are ordinary guys, sensitive people who need someone to lean on.

According to recent statistics, divorce rates in the military were an estimated 10,200 failed marriages. That’s 3.5 % among more than 287,000 married troops in the army.

Does this mean that being with an officer is a bad idea?

Of course not! as these are individual cases. You just have to be cautious while selecting your life partner and not let the glare of the uniform let you make quick decisions.

In any relationship, there would be things that make you happy and things you wish you can change. Being with an officer is no exception. Love a person for his personality, not for the personality of the officer.

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