Why do Some People Believe that they are Unattractive or Even Ugly When They are Not

  • Why do some attractive people believe that they are unattractive?
  • And why do some average-looking people have more confidence than others who look more attractive than them?

To know the answer to this question, you first need to know how a person judges his own attractiveness.

The way a person judges his overall attractiveness depends on two factors which are:

  1. His beliefs about how attraction works
  2. His resources (including his physical looks)

Let’s suppose that a woman who had a low waist to hip ratio and full lips dislike the way her nose looks.

If that woman believes that a slightly big nose can turn men off, which is a false belief about the psychology of attraction, she will believe that she is not attractive, and she won’t feel confident around men.

Why do some people believe that they are unattractive or even ugly

Here is another example, if a dominant alpha male, who is both popular and rich, had average looks. If at the same time he believed that women care about facial attractiveness the most, then most probably he won’t feel confident around women.

If that man were to correct his false beliefs about how attraction happens, he would have realized that he possesses the traits that appeal to most women so that he would have been more confident around them.

In other words, the beliefs a person has about the psychology of attraction strongly affect how he perceives his own attractiveness.

These facts wouldn’t have led to any problems if most people got the psychology of attraction correctly. Still, the truth is that most people are completely uneducated about such an important topic.

If you don’t believe that you are attractive or if you think that you are not desirable, then it’s time to know more about the way attraction works, for you can find yourself much more attractive than you believed you are.

If you believe you are attractive, you will become attractive

Many studies were carried out to find out whether perceived self-worth affects the attractiveness of a person or not, and they all came up with the same conclusion:

People who believed that they are attractive were actually found to be more attractive than those who believed they were not attractive.

In other words, when you fix your beliefs about the psychology of attraction, you won’t just be fixing your self-view, but you will also become more desirable to the opposite

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