The Bad Boy Personality Traits

So you did your best to treat her nicely…
showered her with gifts and attention…….
never been mean to her……….

but she dumped you and favored another ill-mannered guy over you. I know you are hurt, but the good news I have for you is that the problem isn’t with you, but it’s with your attitude.

Women like nice guys, but they put them in the friend’s zone and never allow them out. The real type of guys that really appeal to women are bad boys who don’t only attract them but drive them crazy.

I have talked about being a bad boy earlier, but because that topic is of great importance, I had to revisit it to tell you more tips to help you become a bad boy.

Can bad boys be nice?

Can bad boys ever be nice? Of course, they can, but instead of being nice all the time, they reward their partners with their nice behavior when they stick to the rules. In other words, a bad boy isn’t a nice by default person, but he is an unpredictable person who requires a lot of work for someone to extract that nice part out of him.

This is one of the main reasons why women like bad boys. It’s because they represent a challenge to their self-esteem. A woman would become addicted to that type of man because she will get a self-esteem boost if she managed to make him nice.

The bad boy radiates confidence to the extent that he sometimes appears arrogant. Most people would try to make you feel guilty if you become overconfident. Our societies teach us indirectly incorrect things about confidence, so that some people believe that overconfidence is a bad thing.

The bad boy is not just confident about women, but he is overly confident about every aspect of his life. He is not the crying boy who blames the unfairness of life for his misfortunes, nor is he the one who runs to women for social support but instead, he is a solid and independent person who never breaks.

Why bad boys keep women aroused

Remember the last time you got excited about something?
Most probably, your feelings resulted from some positive expectations in addition to a certain level of uncertainty.

Because bad boys are unpredictable, they keep women wondering whether they appealed to them or not. The nice guy’s problem is that all of his actions send two indirect messages to women 1) I am interested in you, and 2) I am really desperate.

Women like challenges and prefer to chase what they cant have. In fact, all human beings lose interest, at least partially, in whatever is 100% attainable.

A bad boy is a perfect representation of a male’s masculinity. The more masculine you become, the more you will be closer to becoming a bad boy. Take risks, be a bit aggressive, be a bit arrogant, say no, be dominant, go for martial arts, smile less often, act superior and act like many women are waiting in the queue to take the turn.

Do this, and you will become a real bad boy.

People who don’t understand how others perceive physical attraction usually develop the imagined ugliness disorder.

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