I Wish I Was Attractive

  • How many times did you wish you were more attractive?
  • How many times did you believe that you would have managed to attract the person you like if you were more attractive?

Do you know how people build beliefs about themselves? They get input from the external world then compare it to their own internal database of information. A big problem happens when this database they compare information to becomes full of false entries!

If you think you are not attractive, then there is a big chance that you misunderstood attractiveness, and that’s why you see yourself this way.

If you wish you were more attractive, then you need to read this article.

5 things you don’t know about attractiveness

The below facts will help you understand how people get attracted to each other so that you can see the real reality instead of seeing one that matches your incorrect beliefs.

1) People evaluate the overall attractiveness: Most people will judge your overall attractiveness without getting much into details. For example, they will consider your face attractive without paying much attention to how your nose looks. If you have few attractive features, people will think that you are attractive even if you have some unattractive ones.

2) People focus on their weak points: What about people who focus on certain facial features? Actually, most people pay more attention to the features they are not satisfied with! This means that the short person will ignore your facial features and focus on your height, while the obese person will forget about your height and focus on your weight. In short, while you are busy trying to hide the feature you dislike, the other person will be busy comparing the feature he is not satisfied with to yours!

3) Clothes alter attractiveness perception: Your clothes and the way you dress alters the way people evaluate your attractiveness. An average-looking person would appear much more attractive if he knew how to pick clothes that match his looks (not necessarily expensive ones). The subconscious mind considers clothes an extension of the body, and that’s why they can be used to manipulate attractiveness perception.

4) Attractiveness perception is affected by the level of comfort: The more a person feels comfortable around you, the more attractive he will find you! This means that if you gave attention to a person who needs attention or smiled at a person who wants others to care about him, you would be considered more attractive!

5) One single feature can make you attractive: A man could be attracted to a woman because she has one attractive feature such as full lips of the low waist to hip ratio, while a woman can be attracted to a man just because he is tall or because he looks more masculine. This means that you should stop caring about the features you don’t like and focus on improving the ones you like!

Do you still wish you were attractive?

If I were you, I would wish I had a belief system free from false beliefs.

Your incorrect beliefs about yourself and attractiveness can force you to live your life thinking that you are not attractive!

Once you learn how people judge attractiveness, you will understand that you are much more attractive than you think you are.

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