How to Stop Worrying About the First Impression

Make your First Impression Count!

Many people worry about the first impression others form, especially when they are not sure of their looks or start a good conversation.

“Will people like me?” and “What will they say about me?” are among the common questions people who worry about the first impression ask themselves.

Recent research has shown that once people like a person, they will forget about anything that they didn’t like about him. This means that even if your nose looks unattractive after a person likes you, he will still find it attractive!

Read this article to know more about this research.

A study about the first impression

participants were asked to rate the attractiveness of some pictures of people from the opposite sex. After each person chose the most attractive one, he was handed the picture of the person he chose in his hand from his point of view.

However, while handing the participants the pictures, some were replaced by pictures of other people. Only 13% of the participants discovered that they were handed different pictures!!

The participants were asked to describe why they found the pictures they chose attractively, and 87% of those who got different pictures explained why they liked them!

Do you know what does this means?
It means that once a person decides that another one is attractive, it won’t matter how he looks like!

How to stop worrying about the first impression

Physical attractiveness is only one element of the attraction puzzle. This means that tons of factors can make you appear attractive to others, and that has nothing to do with your physical looks.

This means that if you made use of any of the other elements and managed to appear attractive to others, then they will forget about your physical looks.

Studies have shown that people can change their ideas about others’ physical attractiveness after they get to know them more.

In the previous study, you saw how people ignore everything once they make their minds about a person’s attractiveness, which means that if you displayed a great personality, for example, then people will ignore your physical looks.

In short, do anything to make the other person likes you, even if it’s something as simple as a smile, and he will find you attractive!

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