How to Attract Someone you Like

Our pasts define our future goals and the personality traits we would love to find in our potential partners. If a girl were raised in a home where her father was distant, she would certainly become attracted to kind men without knowing why.

If you collected some information about the person you like you won’t have any problem attracting him, You need to give him what he wasn’t given in his past and appear completely different than those who harmed him earlier in his life.

Attracting someone you like is not about being nice or using body language. Still, it’s all about understanding that person’s mind and working on showing him that you are the solution to his past unfinished business.

All of this happens on the unconscious level; the girl I mentioned, for example, might become attracted to men who have certain facial features that show kindness without understanding the connection between liking that man and her past.

More about attracting the person you like

Of course, things aren’t that simple; you can’t attract the person you like by just showing him that you possess one trait he is looking for, but instead, you need to possess the few essential traits that concern him the most.

I know that collecting such information might not be easy, but without doing so, your efforts might go in the wrong direction. In fact, instead of attracting a person that you like, you might say one wrong thing that turns him off completely.

Knowing the right thing to say to attract a person and the wrong things that can turn him off is all about learning more about his past.

Understanding the person’s unmet needs that were developed in his past is the key to attracting him.

Collect as much information about the person you like, and you will know exactly what you need to do to attract him.

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