How to Attract People to You

After using Facebook for over a decade, I realized that different people commented on my status updates depending on the topic I mentioned in each status.

In the beginning, I noticed that I am only attracting comments from close friends. Still, as I started to mention completely different topics in my status, I noticed that I am attracting people who were never attracted to my position before.

People get attracted to those who resonate with their beliefs, values, and interests.

This brings us to a significant conclusion: to attract people to you; you first need to understand how those people think, what their interests are, and what they believe in.

There is no general formula for attracting people.

Based on these facts, we can conclude that what would attract Sam won’t attract Bob and what Sarah would find interesting might be utterly dull to Jessica.

Do you know how marketers attract people to buy their products? They first determine the type of people they want to attract, and then they customize their ads and campaigns to match those people’s interests.

In short, to attract people to you, you need to understand what makes them tick. I want you to remember how you met your current friends and the reasons that made you become friends.

You will find that something was familiar between you that motivated you to become closer to each other before becoming good friends.

How to make people like you

Making someone like, admire you, or even love you requires that you first attract this person’s attention. We fall in love with those we see often and those who are similar to us the most.

While the type of attraction I was talking about in this article is not enough to make someone fall for you still, it’s the very first step needed to attract a potential partner.

Practical steps for attracting people to you

So enough with the theory, and let’s focus on the practical part; here is how to attract people to you:

  • Determine the type of people you want to attract: You need to know your target market just like marketers do
  • Understand them very well: You need to study those people well, understand how they think, behave and what they believe in
  • Likes attract likes: As soon as you show signs of similarity, those people you are after will get attracted to you

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