How to Appear more Feminine

Many women want to be more feminine, and even though many try, they are still puzzled at how to really radiate it.

Many women want to achieve it because it actually raised their self-esteem and their internal image about themselves and because it is a characteristic that undeniably attracts the male’s attention.


No, no, by this title, I don’t mean the catwalk modeling. I mean the Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) Modeling. In the study of NLP, there is a section called modeling that discusses how to learn any skill you want.

Contrary to common belief, you can learn any skill you want easily and quickly, and to do so, you have to watch someone with the skill you want. There is vital information that you must collect.

First, you have to watch what they do exactly while they’re doing it. You need to know:

– What this person thinks while doing it
– What he/she thinks to do it
– What he/she feels while doing it

I greatly advise you to watch more people you consider feminine in your perspective while practicing. This will inspire you and help you collect this kind of information vital for easier and quicker application.

How to move?

Body language speaks much louder than words. Since a large percentage of the impression people form is through your body language, focusing and practicing the tips in this section is vital.

The way you should move: If you watch the difference between how an attractive man walks and how an attractive woman walks, you’ll instantly notice how one is sharp and how the other is smooth.

Good, so how do we achieve smooth and gentle?
The secret here is PACE. When you slow down your pace a little bit, you can achieve smoothness.

Don’t rush even when you are rushing. This means even when you are in a rush, move quicker but without rushing because this gives a very stiff outcome.

Pace will make all the difference with moving gentler and smoother. Also, consider pace when you pick things up from the floor or even from a table; slow your pace down.

Everyone tends to move quickly; this is why it makes all the difference to have just a little bit of self-control and to do it slower. By slower, I don’t mean slow to death; I only mean just a bit slower.

The right posture Posture: You always want to have a straight back. Always. Even when you are seated. This will change the way you look completely if you are not already doing it. Never forget it, and it will become part of you. Straight back doesn’t mean stiff and uncomfortable; we don’t want stuff, right?

By straight, I mean straight enough to be comfortable. Again I advise you to adjust it in front of a mirror.

Your Feelings affect your looks: Your body moves according to how you feel. This is what experts detect through body language. They detect what the person is feeling and not what the person is thinking.

If you want to appear in a certain way, instead of just taking the right body postures for it, it is more important to feel it because then your body will act naturally accordingly. So from now on, decide to feel it, and you will act it even better than you had imagined. Feel feminine, and you will radiate it.

How to move your Hands: How you move your hands makes a big difference. A simple tip for this is to try to have most of your fingers together and not wide apart. To practice, at least have your ring finger and middle finger always next to each other.

How to Walk: Putting the first tip into consideration (pace), you’ll also want to consider something else, from where to move while walking. Attractive men tend to walk with their shoulders; attractive women tend to walk with their hips. I don’t mean swaying them like what you see in the catwalk; I mean a very slight unnoticeable sway.

Because if it’s noticeable, it’s a bit stiff. To achieve this, you very simply focus on your hips as you practice walking in the beginning, and you will sway naturally.

The tone of voice: Most people advise to have a high pitch. I’m afraid I have to disagree.
Since a lower tone gives a feeling of confidence and warmth, this is, in my opinion, is more attractive. This is, of course, up to you.

You definitely need a higher pitch when you are playful, for example, but in general, I believe a lower pitch is the way to go.

Also, an important thing here to consider is to speak gently and make your words sound good. A tip here is to go a tiny bit again slower; this way, your words are clearer, and you have a chance to make it sound gentle. Decide always to feel more feminine, and this will be the outcome easily.

Final words

As you learn, I greatly advise you to practice in front of a mirror. It will be gratifying.

I advise you to be patient and practice, one thing at a time, like your pace and movement, for example. This way, you’ll avoid frustration and reach great results.

People who don’t understand how others perceive physical attraction usually develop the imagined ugliness disorder.

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