How Men and Women Perceive Attractiveness

With the advance of brain imaging devices, it became possible to determine which areas of a human brain become activated when a certain external stimulus is encountered.

An experiment was carried out by bringing some men and some women then placing them on a device to detect the changes in their brain activities.

Both men and women were shown pictures of their current lovers, whom they said they loved so much, and the changes in their brain activities were recorded.

For men, the area responsible for visual processing was the most active when they were shown their lovers’ pictures.

The area responsible for memory recall was the most active for women when they were shown the pictures!

How men and women perceive attractiveness

This study and many other ones have proven the same thing. Men put more weight on physical looks than women do, while women put more weight on personality and resources than men.

This doesn’t mean that men are superficial, but it only means that physical looks come on top of the list of items they are looking for.

If you are a woman, Don’t confuse looks with facial beauty because another study has found one of the most important things men look for in a lower waist to hip ratio. In other words, if you are fit, then you will become much more physically attractive to men even if you believe that your face doesn’t attract them much.

The study shows that women can sacrifice physical looks in exchange for resources or a good personality.

Why do men care about looks?

According to the biological point of view, the woman who has an ideal waist to hip ratio, which is 0.8, full lips, and a symmetrical face, is healthier and more fertile.

Men were designed to look for the most fertile woman to increase the chance of bringing new off-springs.

So beauty can be nothing more than an indication of the health and fertility of a woman.

Why do women care about personality and resources?

Most men remain fertile all life long, and that’s why their looks might not have the same weight compared to other things that determine whether they will be good fathers or not.

Men who have more resources can provide the child with its needs and thus can become better fathers.

A man who has good personality traits such as courage and ambition can be a good protector of the family and is considered more attractive to women.

This is also why women might need some time before they can get attached to a man, and this is the same reason why a man can become attached to a woman right after seeing her.

Men and women are different.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to understand how attraction happens is assuming that both sexes think the same way.

That’s why you might find a man who is much concerned about his looks, and that’s the same reason why you might find a woman who doesn’t care about looking good.

The key to attracting the opposite sex is understanding the difference between a male and a female.

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