Does Grey Hair Make Men Attractive?

Do women like grey hair on men?

According to a survey done on, a famous dating site, 72% of women said that grey hair makes a man look more attractive. I have also done a personal survey among few hundred female friends on Facebook, and I got results that are very aligned with the results of, but there are few important points to consider:

1) If the man doesn’t look old, then grey is good: Some women said that grey hair only looks good on men if they don’t look ancient.

2) It depends on the amount of grey hair: Many women find men with grey hair attractive provided that a certain level of greying is there, and again this points to the age difference

Those two conclusions reminded me of another study that said that women prefer men who are a few years older than them. In other words, a young woman, who is 20 years old, for example, might not find men with grey hair attractive as this might be a sign that this man is much older than her.

Of course, some women like men who are much older than them, but most women go for men who are only a few years older than them.

So the conclusion we can make is that most women will like grey hair if it didn’t make the man seem much older than they are.

Why many women find men with grey hair attractive

Women look for different factors across various domains to determine a man’s attractiveness.

The degree of attachment a woman will have towards a man with grey hair will depend on her own interpretation of the significance of the grey hair. So if a woman has problems with immature men, she might find men with grey hair more attractive if she believed that grey hair signifies wisdom.

Wisdom, maturity, and that the man is no longer a child is among the conclusions women make about some men when they see grey hair.

Some women like men with grey hair because they remind them of their own fathers. This usually happens when a woman has a healthy attachment to her father. Some women like grey-haired men because of believing that they have lots of life experience.

In all cases, it’s the interpretation given to the meaning of grey hair that determines whether a woman will like it on not.

Each woman is a different case.

Each person sees the world from his own angle based on the situations they have been through.

While it seems like the majority of women, think that grey hair makes a man look attractive still this doesn’t cancel the fact that in some cases, grey hair can be a turn-off if the woman had different beliefs about it.

Some men even dye their hair grey to look more attractive, but that’s a wrong practice unless the man knows exactly what the woman he likes prefers.

It all starts with knowing what the person you are interested in prefers then making sure you have many of those things. This is the best strategy to attract a person to you.

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