Do Women Like Guys Who Ride Motorbikes?

In many of my previous studies, I discovered that each person has his own love map, which determines the kind of people he will find attractive. Even two identical twins could have their different love maps and never fall in love with the same person.

However, just like each person has his own love map that differs from others, people are also bound by certain biological factors that determine the kind of people they get attracted to.

For example, any man in the world would get attracted to women who have a low waist to hip ratio (around 0.8) unless he has been through devastating life experiences that forced him to override his biological preferences.

The same goes for women; while each woman might have a different love map still there are some common factors that would be on the list of almost every normal woman.

So what does this have to do with motorbikes?

Do women like guys who ride motorbikes?

All women need protection. This is why the strong, confident, macho, and brave man attracts most women.

Based on this need for protection, women assign a high weight to certain traits such as courage. After all, if a man is brave, he will be better able to protect her and her child. Now when a woman sees a man riding a motorbike, she automatically assumes that he is brave. After all, if you tried to talk about motorbikes in any place, the first word you will hear from people is that they are dangerous.

In old eras, men were supposed to be warriors, and women were supposed to be gatherers of food. No matter how technology advances, it seems that the old brain is still in control of so many of our desires. Long ago, a woman used to find a man riding a horse more attractive┬áthan those who don’t ride because ridging signified courage.

Now that reptilian brain of women can’t really tell the difference between a man riding a horse and a man riding a motorbike, and as a result, both are found equally attractive.

In addition to the fact that women get attracted to brave men, so many of them like adventurous ones, and this is another conclusion that is usually made when a man is seen on a motorbike.

Do I have to ride a bike to be considered attractive?

The short answer is No!

Even though most women are biologically wired to prefer taller men, short men still have a good chance of showing the woman that they can protect her.

In other words, women like tall men because they unconsciously think they are better capable of protecting them. If the short man showed that he could do the same thing, then the woman might overlook the height issue.

The great thing about attraction psychology is that you can send the same message across different domains. For example, a woman can still find you brave and adventurous even if you don’t ride a motorbike, provided that you display courage across any other domain.

People who don’t understand how others perceive physical attraction usually develop the imagined ugliness disorder.

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