Do Short Men Have any Chance?

I am Short, Do i Have a Chance?

A few days ago, I got an email from one of the readers who told me that he is worried because he is shorter than his date and that he isn’t sure if he has any chance of winning her heart.

Before I tell you what you should do if you are shorter than your peers, let us first explore what studies said about the connection between physical height and attraction.

One study has shown that tall men get more dates than their shorter peers. Another study has shown that women prefer men who are taller than them even if those men weren’t that tall than the average height of a man in the place they live in.

Psychologists found that women prefer men who are taller than them because they help them satisfy their hard-wired need for security and protection.

The unconscious associations between certain physical features and certain personality traits play a big role in certain physical features.

Physical height is usually unconsciously associated with the ability to provide safety and protection to the family, so it attracts women.

do short men have any chance

So the question is, do short men have any chance?
Yes, they Do!

If the short man managed to satisfy the unconscious need for protection a woman has, then there is a great chance that she won’t be concerned about his physical height.

This need for protection can be satisfied using the following methods:

  • Being more confident & Dominant: When the man becomes more confident and dominant, the woman will automatically feel secure around him even if he wasn’t tall
  • Being more resourceful: The more skilled the man is, the higher a man’s status, and the more resources he posses, the more will women feel safe around him and the more they will get attracted to him

The subconscious mind of a woman can receive the same reassuring message through different channels, and that’s why even if your height is not ideal, you can still have a good chance to attract women.

Physical height and status

The higher a man’s status is, the taller he appears to be! Studies have shown that some women can sacrifice physical appearance in exchange for higher status.

The good thing about being a man is that physical appearance doesn’t matter that much when assessing your overall attractiveness.

Women measure the attractiveness of a man based on many cues across multiple domains. The physical attractiveness of a man is just one of the elements a woman depends upon to assess the overall attractiveness.

In short, you do have a chance even if you are shorter than your peers.

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