Do Men Only Care About Looks?

What studies say

Read 10 random studies about opposite-sex attraction. You will come up with the same conclusions. The primary factor men look for is physical beauty, and the primary factor women look for is the man’s resources.

For the first instance, these findings might sound unfair to average-looking women who believe they have many other good traits with nothing to do with physical looks.

While these studies’ findings are still true, they don’t mean that an average-looking woman can’t appear attractive to men. This post will tell you how you can improve your overall attractiveness¬†even if you have average looks.

Do men only care about looks.

Yes, men do care about looks to a great extent. Physical beauty, in most cases, resides on the top of each man’s wish list. But have you ever asked yourself the question, what is meant by physical beauty??

  • 1) The perception of physical beauty changes from a man to another: People perceive physical attractiveness differently even if it seemed that there are universally agreed upon beauty standards. In other words, you could believe you have average looks while another person believes you are lovely
  • 2) More than just the face: Men don’t consider a woman attractive when all of her features are perfect, but they find a woman attractive when she has one or two attractive features. In order words, if your body is fit, then you will still be found attractive even if you dislike your face features! The great thing about your body weight is that it’s completely under your control.
  • 3) Relativity and attractiveness: Most women consider themselves unattractive because they compare themselves to the celebrities they see on TV, forgetting that attractiveness perception changes according to the available options. This means that men won’t compare you to TV celebrities unless they live in a nearby block. People judge attractiveness based on the available options, and as a result, a person with average attractiveness can still be found very attractive
  • 4) Clothes and attractiveness:¬†Men find women who wear attractive clothes much more attractive than other women who wear normal clothes. Again a man can find you attractive just because you appear to be from a good social class.

The conclusion

Men care about looks, but many other factors could change the way they see you.

Men judge the overall attractiveness of women based on many cues and not just their facial features. If your nose shape is not perfect or you dislike something about your face, then remind yourself that many other parameters can alter the perception of a man’s attractiveness.

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