Do Average Looking People Have a Chance?

Before I tell you the answer to that question, let me first tell you why you asked it. You have probably been seeing beautiful people falling in love with each other, and that’s why you assumed that beautiful people only fall for beautiful ones.

The good news I have for you is that this is not always true. Of course, looks do matter, and some people find those who resemble their looks more attractive than others, but this doesn’t mean that there is nothing that can be done about it.

The first question you should ask yourself is: “Don’t I know any case where an average-looking person married a beautiful-looking one?”. You have been too focused on a false belief that your mind discarded all counter-evidence.

Focusing on something can prevent you from seeing many other things that do exist. In other words, when you believe in something, your mind chooses to make it real even if it was not.

Do average-looking people have a chance.

Do you know why people like the ones who look good? It’s because they unconsciously think that those looks reflect some good genetic qualities. For example, men with almost symmetrical faces have better genes and health. Women unconsciously realize this fact then find those men more attractive.

On the other hand, Women who have feminine features and an hourglass body shape have better reproductive capabilities. Again men do notice this unconsciously then find those women attractive.

Now the good news is that the subconscious mind can respond to signals sent across different domains. For example, a woman might believe that a man with masculine facial features is strong, but she will also think the same as an average-looking man who displays physical strength across a different domain.

In other words, looks might not matter as much as the conclusion we make based on those looks matters.

How can that possibly be done?

Sending the right unconscious signals to a person can help you attract him even if you weren’t that attractive.

The love map each person has in his mind has so many items, and if that person found that you match most of the items in his list, he will fall for you even if you missed some of them.

It’s more like push buttons that you need to press to make a person fall for you. If you pushed enough buttons but missed few ones, you will still have a great chance. The more buttons you push, the more likely it is to attract love even if you didn’t have good looks.

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