Attraction Psychology of Women

Learn how attraction works for women

The biggest mistake most people make when trying to attract women is to assume that size fits the solution.

While certain things can appeal to women’s general population, such as self-confidence or social status, still each woman is a particular case. Attracting her requires knowing more about the psychology of attraction.

Before you think about attracting certain women, you should consider understanding her first. When you know women’s attraction psychology, you will see how a woman thinks, and you will know the things that can impress her.

Right after knowing these things, all you need to do is to market yourself to her the right way. In this article, I will tell you about the attraction psychology of women.

Psychological facts about attraction for women

Now you know that according to the psychology of attraction that not all women think the same way, but certainly, each woman will have at least one of the below items in her wish list:

  • Alpha Males Attract most women:¬†Women are attracted to strong,¬†influential, and charismatic men. Ask any girl about her dream guy, and she will give you one of the famous good-looking celebrities as an example. Now, wait until she gets married and see any match between the man she married and the star she dreamed of. One of the exciting things about the psychology of attraction for women is that when they think logically about the appeal, they use different parameters for selection than the ones they use when they unconsciously become attracted to someone.
  • Social status or ambition attracts most women: According to the psychology of attraction, most Women need protection, and so one of the things that makes them feel secure is being with a man with a high social status or an ambitious man, simply because that ambitious man is very likely to have high social status one day!! The research found that a man who drives an expensive car is much more attractive than a man who drives an average car.
  • Self-confidence Attracts most women: Self-confidence is the only trait that appeals to 99 percent of women, making a man much more attractive. If you want to attract women, then build self-confidence.
  • What about nice guys? First, let me give you the definition of the word nice so that you get me correctly. A nice guy is the one who enables the woman to take charge, who does everything to make her happy even if the cost was his happiness, who calls her all the time, and who chases her. According to the psychology of attraction of women, nice guys don’t just finish last, but they don’t finish at all!! Women need to feel secure by being close to a dominant male who takes the lead instead of a nice guy. If you become a crowd-pleaser, then you will never attract women.
  • Popularity & Attraction: Certainly, popularity is a factor that influences attraction. Psychological research found that women find men more attractive when they see other women smiling at them!! That’s just a smile; what about a man who has many fans??
  • Do women care about Looks? According to the psychology of attraction of women, women don’t care about looks as much as men do, but they indeed become attracted to healthy men who are well built. luckily you can start exercising, go to the gym and change your body shape right now, that’s entirely possible

One final thing, remember that not all women are the same, and you must do a bit of research to know what will attract that certain woman so that your marketing becomes more effective.

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