Attraction Proximity and the Psychology around it

Next to a person’s looks, one of the most important factors in attraction is the proximity of a potential partner. We are more likely to be attracted to them when someone comes into our lives if they have been around for a long period of time.

The longer we are with someone, the more comfortable we become and the more comfortable we feel around them. We start to share experiences with them and get invested in their well-being emotionally.

Physical proximity and Attraction Psychology

I’m sure you saw a beautiful person once who caught your attention when you passed by your car and then you never saw him/her again. A few days later, why do most people forget about that beautiful person?

It’s simply because they never see that individual again. We tend to forget about it even if we like it if the stimuli are not reinforced.

What physical proximity does now is that it ensures that exposure continues to occur until the attraction intensifies.


Physical closeness on its own does not cause attraction because you will only dislike him more if you happen to see a person that you dislike. A positive stimulus must accompany physical proximity for attraction to occur.

According to the psychology of attraction, people tend to be attracted to those who are similar to them. Yes, individuals are drawn to those with complementary personality traits, but some similarity is also required for attraction to occur.

So, what does physical proximity have to do with this?

Individuals like those who are similar to them because similarity generates knowledge that makes the individual feel comfortable. You will feel comfortable eating it if you saw an apple anywhere in the world, but if you saw strange-looking blue food, you might not feel comfortable trying it at all.

Physical proximity makes individuals familiar with each other and thus increases the likelihood of attraction.

Physical closeness and similarity are just two sides of the many sides that attraction psychology has. Both can certainly increase the chance of attraction, but unless other variables are taken into account, they might not do anything independently.

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