5 Reasons an Angry Face Makes a Man More Attractive to Women

Smiling women were rated more attractive by men, but when the same study was repeated on men, women find men with angry faces more attractive than those who smiled often.

For some people, this seemed like a confusing study. After all, we know that we get more comfortable around those who look friendly and smile often, then how can an angry face make someone look more attractive?

This has a lot to do with the way women think. Women were created so that they become attracted to strong, dominant, and masculine men. In the next few lines, you will see how an angry face indirectly conveys each of these messages.

5 Reasons an Angry Face Makes a Man More Attractive

1) An angry face makes a man look stronger: A recent study has shown that an angry face makes a person look stronger. After all, anger is an emotion triggered when a person needs to defend himself, and because of that, an angry face seems stronger and braver

2) An angry face makes a man look more dominant: People who smile often might seem interesting and friendly, but when it comes to dominance, an angry face is the one that sends such a message. Because women are biologically wired to favor dominant men over others, an angry face makes a man more attractive to women

3) An angry face makes a man look braver: People who are not brave enough to defend themselves might hide their anger inside of them and barely let it out. If a person displayed an angry face, then its a clear sign that he is willing to fight that person who annoyed him

4) An angry face makes a man Look more like a bad boy: I wrote many articles about Bad boys and how women get attracted to them. A bad boy is more likely to have an angry and proud look than a smiling face

5) An angry face makes a man more threatening: An angry face makes a man look more dangerous and threatening. Two personality traits that women favor the most.

But I like nice guys.

Many women say that they like nice guys who smile a lot after knowing about those studies. When it comes to understanding what women want, you should not listen to what they say but rather watch what they do.

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